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Thursday, July 4, 2013

From the Neuroscience Center of Excellence

Tethered Cord

Tethered Cord Syndrome can be difficult to diagnose in babies and children since the symptoms may be subtle and insidious over time. The most common symptoms of tethered cord, such as back pain, abnormal gait and urinary accidents are frequently attributed to other causes during childhood.  “Tethered spinal cord is frequently misdiagnosed, or identified after symptoms have been long-standing, but proper treatment can lead to a full recovery,” says Holly Gilmer, M.D., Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak.
Tethered Cord
Tethered Cord (TC) is a disorder in which the spinal cord is “stuck” to a structure within the spine such as dura, scar tissue from a previous operation, a bony spicule or even a tumor.  Although most cases are congenital, the condition may not become symptomatic until later in life as the cord continues to grow
and lengthen. TC most often occurs in patients with spina bifida, although it is frequently seen with Chiari malformation. TC can affect people of all ages, but it is most often found in people ranging from infancy to teen. Symptoms of tethered cord become more pronounced during periods of rapid growth due to increased stretching of the spinal cord.

End of the Raffle

I have to say that I'm disappointed that I didn't receive more of a response to help Amy but I do want to add that I'm thankful for the help that was provided. With Amy's surgery looming ahead, I am motivated to fight that much harder for my friend. God will provide but I can't just sit back and do nothing, even though my last effort was a disappointment. I will keep the donate button on my blog and pray that someone will help. I have some ideas and will post them as they come. God bless to those of you that helped.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

After you click on the donate button, leave a message with your contact number or an email address so that I can send an image of the ticket to you.

Monday, June 17, 2013

This is the prize for the raffle that will begin tomorrow. Enterprise Lamp. It's a working reading lamp and night light. It's about 20 years old and I have enjoyed it as a lamp and for the fact that I'm a Star Trek fan.
Amy Brunning had brain surgery in July 2011 with Dr. Dan Heffez at the Chiari Center in Milwaukee, WI. She had to go all the way to Wisconsin because no one here knew much about Chiari Malformation. Every time she was referred to a Neurologist or Neurosurgeon she always received the same answer. No one had a clue how to help her. It’s been almost 2 years since her surgery and she’s ecstatic to say that she doesn’t have those problems anymore. Now she has a condition called Tethered Cord Syndrome. She is in desperate need of  the release surgery. Amy is having seizures and small strokes. She has difficulty walking at times. she looses her memory for short periods of time. This is a degenerative condition. The only treatment is surgery. However, again, no one seems to know what they are dealing with. This is the reason she is trying to get back to Wisconsin. 
She is married with two children. Her husband works on a tugboat so he is only with her for about 10 days a month. She has no family here either. She has stated that it is extremely difficult to be a mother of two and hold down a steady job and keep some bit of normalcy to her children’s lives when she is unable to function normally.
She is currently not supposed to be driving at all because she can have a seizure or stroke at any moment. When home she spend a majority of her time in bed because she is usually in so much pain. Amy does continue to work because she has no other choice. Her  husband’s work on the tugboat is new employment so he is not making much at this time. When he advances they will be in much better financial shape. But the longer she waits to get this procedure done the more permanent damage there will be.
The hospital in Wisconsin is:
Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital Milwaukee
Orthopedic & Neuroscience Institute.
2301 N. Lake Dr. Room 1453
Milwaukee, WI 53211

I've known Amy for 4 years, she is a dear friend and I love her as though she were my own daughter. I am working to get a raffle drawing done and I plan to use my YouTube account to show the prize and send the raffle numbers through Facebook for whomever buys a ticket through the donation button on my blog.